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Education Department



Teaching and Training

Church School 

Primary School 

Adult School 

Explore our vibrant Church School/Sunday School program, where children and adults alike discover the joy of learning, fellowship, and spiritual growth in a nurturing environment.

Vacation Bible School 

Component Leader:
Deacon Kelvin Prince

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Empowerment Institute

Component Leader: 

Minister Erica McLaurin 

The Leaders Empowerment program is designed to introduce leaders of all levels to the dynamics of effective Christian leadership. It will be examining the principles, methods and practices that will prepare them to become successful Christian leaders in the 21st century.


Program Objective: Explain what a leader and their role in leadership is. To help leaders identify their leadership style. To develop and enhance leader’s spiritual and natural skills. Equip leaders with different methods on how to develop and lead other emerging leaders.


Program Mission: The mission of the Cathedral of Praise COGIC Leaders Empowerment Institute is to empower and equip leaders to move in their kingdom assignment.

Academic Components

College and University Scholarships

Component Leader:
Dr. Shelia Northington 

Graduate Recognition

Component Leader:
Mrs. Teresa Campbell
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