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American Sign Language Ministry

To build the bridge of communication between the deaf and hearing world. Enabling others with the necessary skills to break through the language barrier.

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Education Department

The Education Department supports the vision of Cathedral of Praise by providing classes, courses of study, training and other educationally benefitting programs to our church and community. Our goal is to promote spiritual grown and personal empowerment. We offer Competitive Scholarships each year to graduating, as well as continuing students. A Tutorial Programs that assists students within our church and community seeking to support academic excellence and the maximizing of student potential. We recognize Graduates from college and high school during our Graduate Recognition Program.

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Men in Action for Christ

Ministry tailored to the men of all ages at Cathedral of Praise.

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Singles Ministry

To foster a balance that meets the spiritual and social needs of singles while promoting spiritual growth and relationships.

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Women in Action for Christ

The Women in Action for Christ at Cathedral of Praise are women who the Word of God empowers to empower women in ministry through biblical example, training, and active service! Our motto is Conceive It! Believe It! Achieve It! (1 Corinthians 2:9)

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Youth and Young Adults

To provide children, youth, college students, and young adults with engaging experiences that guide them through the phases of their spiritual journey.

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